"Home is Where One Starts From" A Partial Description of Nature from T.S. Eliot
Each Present Moment as a Partial Description of Nature

The entity of nature that can only be partially described because it only partially exists (Nature partially described by The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle & Compare With Weinberg)

If "the particle" truly does not exist, then how is our partial description not a complete description of the world? Quantum mechanics seems to get to the unavoidable subjectivity and lag of personal measurement of the world with an instrument like the brain that "assembles" or "constructs" or "adds together" signals to create its own present from scraps from the world. What is really the subjective, personal thing? The creation of the unique personal sensation of a present moment, which we can never really know. What we can never really know is NOW. What we can never really agree on is SIMULTANEITY because of the delays in processing information from the world. How do we get around these delays? Is the meaning of quantum mechanics that living systems intervene upon the future by moving the position of energy from *where* it would otherwise be, without intervention? What is the nature of the intervention? Resetting initial conditions. Principle of Least Action: my beginning is my end and my end is my beginning. There must be zero difference between varied path and true path. How can this be? BEGIN WITH THE END POSITION. The "initial condtion" is the target, the end, the return: "home." It is supposed to match "initial conditions" at THE BEGINNING POSITION. TOTAL ENERGY IS CONSERVED: kinetic energy is converted to potential and waste? The waste cannot NOT be counted. The system is global, the whole: conservative. See Jennifer Coopersmith: there is no way to carve up the world into systems once and for all to avoid "double dipping" of different levels acting independently. This is the dilemma solved by The Principle of Least Action. That all is connected is not a woo platitude, but the truth of nature. It seems connected by some conserved rate of change which admits intervention so long as the intervention obeys the true path, given by initial conditions. See the Brian Greene Daily Equation. Consider if the Weinberg essay's description of nature is a complete description of nature between allowed interventions upon The Given. Allowed interventions must obey that which must be globally conserved.


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