The Laws of Nature, or How Can There Even Be Give in The Given? (Nature Partially Described by One of the Greatest Living Experts on Our Universe)
"Home is Where One Starts From" A Partial Description of Nature from T.S. Eliot

The Give in the Given: Dependence on Partial Descriptions (Perception as partial description of Nature)

We are as physically dependent on partial descriptions of Nature as we are on food. This dependence is imposed as a condition on accessing "the give," or the forgiveness in the just application of the law.

There are other accounts of Nature that forbid give in the given, or assert there is no given at all. They do not use food or life in their accounts. I believe life intervenes upon a determined evolution of a real world, and food and dependence on partial information are the conditions imposed by Nature on life.

Our partial descriptions are always approximations based on approximate specifications of initial conditions. We can never have access to complete knowledge of the universe, but, crucially to me, this does not mean a complete description does not exist. By the time the description is registered, it is already too late. It is already in our past, already dated, already fixed in the past and not the present. It is the present moment that observation-dependent creatures like us can never exactly measure, and where we always exist, even if our partial descriptions of the past and future, and of possible pasts and possible futures and the speed of light crowd out our *perception* of the physical present.

Our physical dependence on moving the positions in space of energy and matter from where they would otherwise be imposes a dependence on partial descriptions. It is this dependence on partial descriptions that gives us our living existence and everything wonderful and horrible about being alive. Being alive IS dependence on partial descriptions of nature.

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