Mitochondria, chloroplasts, & symbiosis: a partial description of (way of describing) nature through food & life as special example of *separation from* surroundings via mediated *connection to* surroundings, from Bill Martin
The Ancient and Universal Meaning of Home -- Far from Home, Almost Home, and Home Away From Home

Kirsten Dunst on The Meaning of Home: "I like things that make me feel things" -- On Controlling Our Inputs by Acting on Aspects of Our Environment

All life must control its inputs to keep them in the preferred range. The preferred range is that which sustains life, but is interpreted by the organism at different levels of abstraction.

This home is full of meaning, feeling, stories, and interpretation that make it "beautiful."  Jane (the designer) brings objects with histories and stories to Kirsten. Kirsten controls her inputs to keep herself in her interpreted range of  her unique and personal reference for the meaning of beauty and being home.

For Kirsten Dunst, a beautiful home is controlled inputs that make her feel things,  with special objects that carry stories, history, and meaning, that she interprets as home. Working with Jane, she iterates (varies her path) to stay in a range of her own reference for home.


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